XVLTR is the brainchild of a Frankenstein like scientist called Diablominus. Deep in the recesses of a vault in Brighton UK, 2003, Diablominus summoned 4 misfit nobodies and brought them to life using an enzyme mix that only he understands. It is believed that he used 15 litres of this evil concoction.

The result was a bizarre collection of half real individuals held together by the desire to make loud music. It is believed that without a daily dose of super 120db sound, these sad and half baked individuals would fade away to nothing.

Diablominus named his creations and gave them each a ghastly musical power to aid them in their retched and addicted lives. Damien was granted speed of wrist, Next Lee with a beasts roar, After extensive experimentation, his hidious tweeking led to Phil with powerful sub frequency definition and last his favourite hellchild Andrew who was given the gift of the beguiling riff.

Diablominus shaped his creations' talents on an assortment of human characters, including the likes of:
Pantera, Meshugga, Strapping Young Lad, Static X, Mudvayne, Pendulum, Ram Records and DJ Shadow.

The resulting sound is said to unleash the primal instinct in any humans who come in contact with it's viscous tones. Diablominus himself described their music as "like standing in a field as five thousand wilderbeast rush past in unison".

Watch out, they are prowling your streets!

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